Computer Repair & Consultation in Suffolk County, NY

Are you having computer problems?

Get in touch. I specialize in computer clean ups, browser problems, software issues, computer backups, virus removal, disaster recovery, and more. I can solve most issues remotely!  Ask about my $50 remote computer clean-out & check-up!

Computer Repair Services

Most services can be performed remotely.

Does Your Computer Need Help or Do You?

Computer Training & Consultation

Interested in learning about the computer or specific software? I can connect remotely while you follow along on the screen. A video recording of our entire session is included!

Navigate your computer. Learn about the components. Learn how it works.

Create shortcuts. Copy/cut & paste. Organize and customize your documents.

Backup and safeguarding.

Navigate the internet, set up and check email.

Create & edit word/excel/power point/documents.

Advanced training like replacing motherboards, cpus, memory, and building entire computers is also available.