Emma Clark Library Webinars (on Zoom)

How To Build A Website

This is a 2-part class that meets on Zoom for two nights in a row from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Learn about how websites work in this in-depth 2-part class! This class is perfect for someone that want to build a simple website, an Ecommerce site, or someone looking to start a web development business.

Schedule: Both classes meet on Zoom.
Wednesday, 5/8/24 6:30pm-8pm & Thursday, 5/9/24 6:30-8pm.
You can attend either class but it’s highly recommend to attend BOTH since some topics will spill over into each other.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jen Mullen at 631.941.4080, ext. 129.

You can access class documents here. How to link a domain name to a hosting provider and the presentation slides (sorry for the delay!)

Wednesday, 5/8/24 6:30pm-8pm
-How much does it cost to run a website
-What is the internet
-What is a website and how do they work
-What is a server (and cloud computing)
-Website hosting and hosting providers
-IP addresses, domain names, domain registrars

Thursday, 5/9/24 6:30-8pm
-Overview of website builders (Wix, Squarespace, Shopify)
-Google Sites + Google Drive
-Creating a simple website for ~$12 per year
-Hands on WordPress demo (themes, plugins, marketing CRMs, SEO)

How To Build A Computer! (In-Person)

This class meets 3 nights at Emma Clark Library from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Have you ever wanted to build your own computer? Join us as we’ll discuss computer components (motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drives) and peripherals (monitor, keyboard/mouse) and how all these parts work together to aid in building your own pc, piece by piece.


Class 1
-Overview of the Tower computer and history.
-Comparison vs laptops, tablets, cell phones.
-Target market: Gamers, content creators, Engineers, etc.
-Overview of components (motherboard, cpu, memory, gpu, psu, etc)

Class 2
-In-depth review of motherboard, cpu, ram.
-Motherboard parts, rear panel, chipsets, sockets, etc.
-BIOS, drivers, firmware.

Class 3
-Assembling the computer.
-Loading Windows.
-Configuring BIOS.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jen Mullen at 631.941.4080, ext. 129.

How to Back Up Your Computer/Salvage Data from a PC Disaster

We’ll discuss several tools and strategies for mobile devices and desktop computers (Windows Backup/Restore, data syncing, and cloud options), manual/automated backups, external hard drives including Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS), drive redundancy (RAID) and data recovery from a crashed computer!

Monday, June 24, 2024

Monday, Sept 23, 2024

Google Chrome Browser Bookmarks and so much more!

Your web browser is THE most used app on your computer and mobile device. So, why not learn more about it and discover tips and tricks that will make your (work) life easier! Applicable to all moderns browsers.

FREE Fun for all ages! (Well, maybe like 10 and up?) Register now, Link below.

Thurs, Nov 7, 2024

All webinars are offered through Emma Clark Library.